We love submissions of all shapes and sizes at Peachy Zine.

We accept the following submission types:


• Photography Editorials

Email your editorials through as a dropbox album of low res images, along with styling and team credits. If you have a back story on why you shot this particular editorial, we'd love to hear that too!


• Photography Portfolios

Peachy requires beautiful, story telling imagery to accompany articles and short stories. If you think you have particular images in your portfolio that would suit this, please email us with your portfolio, and we'll let you know if there are any gems in there that we'd love to use.


• Art/Design Portfolios

Peachy does artist and designer features! If you're a painter, sculptor, illustrator, textile designer etc, please email us with a link to your body of work and a little bit about yourself and your work. We feature two artist/designers each issue, and also do mini online features weekly.


• Short Stories / Poetry

If you're a writer, well, you know the drill by now! Please email us with some samples of your work! We feature a short story and a poem piece in each issue.


All submission emails can be sent to editor@peachyzine.net with 'PEACHY SUBMISSION' in the subject line.

Successful and unsuccessful submissions will be responded to (please allow up to 2 weeks for a response, then you can give us a nudge).

Keep on creating!