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Profilin - Justin Vague

Profilin - Justin Vague

Whether it's through pictures or words, Australian photographer Justin Vague will tell it like it is. His candid photographic work bursts with life, colour & movement. Read his interview with us below and browse his array of honest work.


Describe your photo style:

Pictures of young drunk people, musicians and girls, shot on shitty cameras. 

What draws you to photography? 

I really like taking pictures of my best mates and I want the whole world to meet them through my images. Maybe my pictures remind people of their own memories. I like the idea of that. I also like meeting new people. Photography brings all types together. 

How did you become a photographer? By accident or by design?

I first picked up a camera 12 years ago in my high school black and white darkroom photography class. I feel in love with the process of creating an image very quickly. My mum was also a keen photographer and that heavily influenced my journey of creating images. I then went on to study BA Photography at RMIT University in Melbourne and that lead to the pictures I am capturing today. 

Does your creativity extend into any other mediums?

I was the singer in a band for one day. They were called 'Johnny and The Froth Dogs'. I was Johnny. 

What's the next project we can expect from you?

At the moment I am in the process of going through my archive of images to create a little zine featuring my loose Aussie mates. There might be an exhibition to go with it also. Or a party. I'll make sure there will be free beers and a band at it.

Keep up with Justin's work: 





Warm Blue . Cool Ochre

Warm Blue . Cool Ochre

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